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Two Light Ales Please (Smiths/Morrissey fanzine) - Volume I

$15.00 / On Sale

"Two Light Ales Please" - A Smiths/Morrissey fanzine.
96 pages of Smiths/Morrissey obsession, art, writing, photographs, and interviews, also includes a pull out art print.
Completely hand done with love and care; a true cut and paste zine constructed with the use of typewriter, photocopier, busy scissors, and glamorous glue. Fanzine by Daniel Sant
No Hope No Harm art print from Chris Duncan - LandandSea Oakland
interview on Smithdom with legendary Hardcore band Unbroken
collaborations with Richie Lauridsen, Kevin Oberbauer, and Greg Polard.
Cover art by Sergio Hernandez.

if you want to order internationally email me at Danxsant@gmail.com