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Two Light Ales Please (Smiths/Morrissey Fanzine) - Volume III.

$18.00 / On Sale

"Two Light Ales Please" - A Smiths/Morrissey fanzine. Volume III.

Biggest issue yet!
The special limited edition includes:
108 pages of Smiths/Morrissey obsession, art, writing, photographs, and interviews, a pull out frame worthy 2 sided color art print, special wax sealed packaging, and a pin set.

Completely hand done with love and care; a true cut and paste zine constructed with the use of typewriter, photocopier, busy scissors, and glamorous glue. Fanzine by Daniel Sant

Volume III Features:
Morrissey art print by Jackie Dunn Smith, Mike Joyce print by Dan Phillips (True Widow).
An interview with Davey Havok (AFI) & Anthony Anzaldo (Ceremony) on their Smiths/Moz love.
the linguistics and iconography in Morrissey's lyrics (Kevin Oberbauer).
The Bass Guitar (Daniel Sant).
Death of a Disco Dancer (Daniel Sant)
Going to the Beethoven was Deaf gig (POI)
The Perfect Lineup (Rob Moran)
Reprinted interview with Morrissey and Pete Burns from a 1985 Smash Hits.

With special art by Jackie Dunn Smith, Lois Orchard and DS.
A plethora of beautiful photographs paired with lyrics.

Thank you for your interest, it's very appreciated.

"The whispering may hurt you, but the printed word might kill you"